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September 4

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Driving the Commercial Real Estate Market Through Technology

Boston Built Tech is a community of forward-thinking innovators organized around servicing the commercial real estate market through technology. Bringing together corporate executives, start-up leaders, and informed advisors, the group aims to raise the profile of the rapid growth and advancements in the Boston market.   

As leaders at the intersection of real estate and technology, we’re at the forefront of the new wave of disruption and understand the rate of advancement is only going to increase. We understand that in order to intelligently leverage technology and the data that drives it forward, we need to work as a collective, educating each other about the common opportunities, challenges, and pathways towards a more productive and efficient future workplace.

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Our team of Boston-based innovators stays informed of the real estate tech market by attending New England's premier events. To learn more about Boston Built Tech, consider reaching out to us or subscribing below.