Boston Built Tech


We look to enable the real estate industry with the technologies that will drive innovation in Boston and beyond.


Built tech is the emerging technology that is designed around β€œthe human-made space in which people live, work and recreate on a day-to-day basis.” Technology sectors include mobile tech, wearables, data analysis, artificial intelligence, community development platforms and anything else that covers how people live and work in spaces created or modified by people.

In the short-term, the companies in the Built Tech Group aim to work together to promote the sector at the two major industry events coming to the Boston area in the fall of 2018: the Urban Land Institute Fall Meeting and the CoreNet Annual Conference. Both offer a chance to showcase technologies and talent on a very large stage.

The Boston Built Tech group is dedicated to supporting and growing the ecosystem of companies serving the built environment. This includes understanding neighboring technologies, supporting growth, expanding the talent pool and pursuing opportunities to team up on projects.

Boston Built Tech brings together the major users, corporate occupiers, developers and real estate investment community, to learn and to educate about how we can transform the real estate industry with technology, develop talent, and find synergies between technologies to help the whole community grow.

Areas of Practice

Workplace analytics

Most businesses have little to no quantitative data on how their space is being used. Gaining this information allows offices to increase efficiency, cut costs, lessen employee discomfort, and much more. 

Software Investment

Software investment empowers emerging entrepreneurs to transform how we design, build, operate and experience the world's built environment. 

Wearable technology

Wearable devices are gaining increased traction in the modern market. This technology can not only increase productivity, but also influence your lifestyle and health decisions. 

tenant experience platforms

Build community, maximize amenities, and help corporate tenants succeed. In today's economy, businesses need more than just office space.  Businesses need an advantage in attracting and retaining talent.

Internet Service providers

Explore innovative new forms of internet service while avoiding the complicated plans and bloated bundles that have come to define the public perception of major ISP's. 

Innovation Hubs

Built Tech represents a diverse range of innovation hubs, from the rapidly developing neighborhoods surrounding Boston, to the coworking spaces within the city.

Property Data & Informatics

Aggregate and normalize facility data across portfolios to inform tenants and employees. The real estate industry can be transformed through data-driven insight. 

Community outreach platforms

Communicate efficiently with clients by gaining access to key facts and updates on real estate development. Developers can more effectively engage the community when all members can submit fact-based information.